Saturday, December 13, 2008


I dont know
I dont know personally about Gnani, the writer
Like everyone, I am interested in enriching my value sets and I come across this character
He writes..He observes and he is able to cohesively write
Yet what he writes appears to make sense although some of it is shere non-sense
Last week or so, I saw him in Vijay TV's Neeya naana where he said ' I and my wife got divorced because we could not be friends anymore' but the topic he came to discuss was on the need for being a friend to spouse..
I dont know
Friendship is a relationship
Spouse is much more than that
If you cant be a friend, how can you be a spouse
For being spouse, being a friend is a necessity condition- if I cant fulfil this, how do I qualify to advice the whole world that 'I couldnot be a friend, so you be'

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